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It's all About Me!

All this came about after I realised that I am one of a large number of parents of gymnasts that are fed up with paying a considerable amount of money for fancy looking leotards that just don't last very long. Either the child grows out of them, they don't wash well and look tired and faded after a few washes, or simply the gymnast wants the next season's colours and styles.

I aim to provide reasonably priced, simply designed training wear that can be machine washed. The garments are a fusion of beautiful fabrics and crystals and all leotard and crystal designs are unique to AA Reflex. The intense colours of lycra garments will fade gradually over time but crystals never stop sparkling!

In addition to training wear, all our competition attire is also uniquely designed and can be tailored to any budget from £50 upwards. Have a look at the gallery for examples of our work - as you will see, I have a passion for crystal!

If there is anything you would like that isn't shown on the website, please do contact me to ask about it. I'm always happy to discuss and develop any ideas people have. I like to think that I am very approachable and I enjoy talking to my customers!

Customer service is very important to me. I'm keen to get goods out on time and for the customer to be nothing short of delighted with the quality of the goods and service. Feedback is always welcome, please drop me an e-mail with any comments you have.